Picture Of A Valve Amplifier With Glowing Valves

Valve Amp Repair Service

We repair and service most kinds of thermionic valve based audio amplifiers and equipment.

Picture Of Solid State Transistor Amplifier Electronics

Solid State Amp Repair

Not limited to valve amplification we also repair solid state amplifier and audio equipment

Picture Of A Marshall Guitar Amplifier

Guitar Amplifier Repair

For the musician we also provide servicing and repair for most makes of guitar amplification including Marshall, Laney, Orange, Peavey, Mesa Boogie and others....

Refurbished Valve Amps For Sale

Refurbished Amps For Sale

We source faulty valve and solid state amps and refurbish them using high quality components and offer them for sale. Every refurbished amp we sell carries a full years guarantee.

Welcome To Valve Amp Repair Kent UK

We aim to provide a one stop audio amplifier repair service for musicians, audio engineers and users of high end audio and hifi equipment in the UK. Nobody likes equipment failure and when it does occur all we want is to get it up and running again with the minimum of fuss and expense!

Fast Turnaround

Dependant upon obtaining parts for you amplifier, we aim to turn your repair around within 14 days of receipt of the unit. The unit can be dropped off in person, either direct to us or to one of our partners or the unit can be posted to us direct. We will acknowledge safe reciept and notify you once the fault has been diagnosed with a quote and again upon completion of the work.

Reasonable Price

Every repair or service will be different. That is why we offer a £30 flat rate diagnostic session to find out what is wrong with your equipment. Once the diagnostic session has been performed we will contact you with a full description of the fault and a quote. It is then up to you if you want to continue with the repair, if not the unit will be returned to you. If you decide to proceed then the £30 diagnostic will be deducted from your final quote.

Refurbished Amplifiers For Sale

We buy old or non-working amplifiers to refurbish and sell. All our refurbished amplifiers come will a full years no fuss and iron clad guarantee for complete peace of mind. Visit our Refurbished Amplifiers For Sale page to browse our list of valve, transistor and guitar amplifiers currently available. The list is constantly changing as these are popular items, expecially the vintage valve amplifiers. To see our current list go to our Amps For Sale page.

David Amplification - Bespoke Amp Clones

David Amplification's Classic Blues 30 Not Only does David Lane do a great job of amp repairs but he also builds clones of classic amplifiers like the Marshall JTM45. Called the David Amplification - Classic Blues 30, these amps were built from the original schematics and David manages to lovingly and faithfully reproduce that classic sound. Everything built from the ground up including the case and metalwork and completely hand wired with the best components, these amps are a wonder to behold. Please Email David for price and to arrange to tryout this wonderful masterpiece.

To see a full size picture of Davids Classic Blues 30 Click Here


  • Logo For Broadwood Music Productions Ltd

    Nick Wood, Broadwood Music Productions

    Studio Maintenance

    “ David Lane is Broadwood Music's first call for any equipment failures that require speed in diagnosis and fast turnaround of any electronic repair. ”

  • Picture Of A Fender Amplifier

    Alan Bandy, Prompt TV Repairs Gravesend Kent

    Amplifier repairs

    “ We specialise in repairs to Plasma, L.C.D T.V.'S and satellite/ aerial installations, we do get offered many other items for repair including guitar amplifiers P.A. equipment etc. In order to offer our customers a comprehensive "one stop shop" we contract these to Davids Lane who provides us with an efficient repair facility for these items. ”

  • Picture Of A Sound Mixer

    Jim Mepham, Abbey music studios, London, SE20

    Mixer repairs

    “ I have been using Davids services for some time now, David has repaired over twenty of my customers and our studio amplifiers/mixers, providing a professional but friendly service. He is always there to answer my questions and offer advice he can provide, Davids services are a cost effective way of keeping equipment in service that would otherwise be dismantled for parts. ”


A Photo of David Lane - Valve Amplifier Repair Specialist

Amplifier Repair Specialist

David Lane

Valve amps are every guitarists dream equipment but what do you do if your beloved gear has developed a fault. David Lane is a very experienced audio engineer who's CV includes being project manager at the prestigeous PM Components, manufacturers and suppliers of vacuum tubes. David's knowledge of Valve and solid state circuitry is second to none and therefore is the perfect choice for all your amplifier repair needs. Not limited to audio, David can repair all manner of analogue electronic equipment including effects pedals, power supplies, lighting equipment and instrument electrics.

What To Expect From Us

David will endeavour to diagnose and repair your amp in the quickest time possible.

David works from his lab in Gravesend, Kent. He has arranged with some of his studio clients that they will be a dropoff point for clients to drop their equipment off for him to pick up and look at. If you are looking to have your amp repaired by David but do not live within dropoff distance then you can send it to him via a courier or UK postal service and he will return it to you once the repair has been carried out.

Valve Amplifier | Repair and Servicing

Picture Of A Glowing Thermionic Valve

Repairing valve Driven Elecronics

Problems With A Valve Amplifier?

The Thermionic Valve has been arouund since the very beginning of consumer electronics as we know it. Although hardly the model of elctronic efficiency, the valve amplifier has given much to the audio world. Inefficient due the power it uses, this very inefficiency is what makes the valve amplifier what it is. The subtle harmonic distortion produced in the amp stages adds warmth, grit and presence to the final audio output. Valve amplification is normally a very robust piece of equipment but even the most hardy equipment can fail sometimes. Thermionic valves do normally have a short life span and often a valve change is all that is needed but it's often not as easy as changing a lightbulb.....

Common Faults

My amplifier went bang
My Amp won't switch on.
There's a burning smell coming from the back.

Because of the high voltages inside of a valve amps, most of the weight of the amp is due to the large wound transformers that step the voltage up from 110/240volts mains (depending from where you come from) to more than 500 volts. If there is a bang, or smoke from the back of your beloved equipment then normally a fault has caused a short to the transformer. Although this is the obvious final outcome, further investigation is often needed to find the original fault.

Common Servicing Jobs

Valve Replacement
Valve Biasing
Jack and Pot Maintenance

The obvious servicing job for a valve amplifier is to replace the valves. But it is important to have the correct valve make and type and also important to make sure they are in matched pairs. Also the valves may need biasing when replaced. Biasing is the adjustment of the pin voltages to make sure the valve works within it's designed parameters. Having unbiased valves may shorten the life of the vacuum tubes or at the very least introduce unwanted audio characteristics to the sound.

Solid State Amplifier | Repair and Servicing

Picture Of The Inside Of A Marshall JCM-900 Amplifier

Repairing transistor based electronics

Problems With A Transistor Amplifier?

The transistor based amplifier took over from valves as they were a cheaper, more efficient alternative. This also meant the transistor based electronic goods were a lot cheaper than their valve counterparts. In many cases transistor amps can be considered to be superior due to their constant characteristics, lightweight and obvious cost benefits. However audiophiles consider valves to have a much warmer sound. This is especially true of guitarists and the like. The very fact that valves were inconsistent added to the beauty of the valve sound. Transistor based equipment are cleaner in sound and are widely used. Although they are more reliable the inevitable may happen!

Common Faults

No Power
No sound from speaker
Burning smell from amp

It is very unlikely for the transformers to go as they are not pushed very hard. Faults such us this are more likely to be faulty output transistors, either by wear and tear or by a short being caused for some reason. Blown fuses etc can be caused by the same thing, if there is a fault with the output transistors they blow and cause the fuses to pop.

Common Servicing Jobs

Pots, switches and Connectors
Fans and general cleaning

With most solid state electronic equipment there is little that can be done by way of servicing other than the usual pots, switches and connector cleaning or replacement. Sometimes though, some transistor based amps have cooling fans to keep the transistors cool. These sometimes need servicing or the unit itself needs to be cleaned out due to dust brought in by the fan.!

Guitar Amplifier | Repair and Servicing

Picture Of A Line 6 Spider Guitar Amp

Repairing electric and bass guitar amplifiers

Problems With Your Guitar Amp?

It's every guitarists nightmare! You've been planning this great gig for months. You set your gear up onstage, turn it on and.....nothing! No power lamp, no sound! It's a blown fuse! Luckily enough you have your box of spare fuses (you have... haven't you?), you replace the fuse and all is well! If you're lucky! Of course it's not easy to prevent these things from happening but you can help to prevent it by having your trusty guitar amp serviced regularly! The same goes for Bass, acoustic and keyboard amplifiers and lets not forget PA amps and mixers!

Common Faults And Service Considerations

As valve and solid state amps above
Earth loop faults

The same faults occur as for the valve and transistor amp faults described above but, for the working musician, there are other considerations regarding safety in a public environment. A lot of venues are insistant on public liability insurance and PAT Testing. Therefore your amps need to be in perfect working order and, above all, safe! Sometimes, when playing your beloved amp you may get a severe case of mains hum. This is sometimes caused by an earth loop in your setup or sometimes even at the fault of the venue. It's been known to get over this problem by lifting the earth wire on your plug. NEVER LIFT THE EARTH WIRE!. Contact David for advice!

Repair and Servicing for Guitar Amps

Most makes of guitar, bass, keyboard and PA amplifiers

David will look at any amplifier presented to him but he has had the experience of working on the following makes of amps including Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Crate, Orange, Peavey , Line 6, Laney, Trace Elliot , Ashdown, Vox, Music Man , Soldano, Hartke, Rolandand Hughes and Kettneramong others.


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